Self Activity Detection Band

Smart wrist band with automatic activity detection and monitoring system. Incorporates IOT based smart system that displays live figures on mobile application.

IOT based digital yet analog clock.

Multispeed Spinning makeup Brush

Advanced battery powered cosmetic brush with different spinning modes.

Faucet System

IOT based fully automatic faucet system with Realtime monitoring and data accusation.

Video Conferencing Headset

Futuristic video conferencing headset that provides clear eye view of the user to receiver, with volume control speaker and noise cancellation mic. Includes high definition auto focus camera for real time video streaming and recording.

Shoe Automate

Most advanced shoe with self lacing, step count and heating cooling system incorporated. memory foam soles especially designed for medicated purpose.

Bracelet Bank

Beautiful metallic bracelet that is actually a power bank.


IOT based device designed for automotive tax monitoring with QR code generation and realtime monitoring.


A realtime patient minitoring device with video calling feature for patient support.

Pill Box

IOT based pill container with medicine reminder and monitoring. Incorporated with telemdicince facility

Secure Wallet

Biometric based wallet tracking and antitheft feature.

Innovative POS

POS machine with digital receipt generation and NFC based data transfer feature.

Solar Bench

Solar bench with solar powered lightning and mobile phone wired/wireless charging. Equipped with environmental sensors for real time monitoring and data acquisition.

Toy Phone

A toy designed with RFID based phone calling feature for kids.

Smart Baby Stroller

Battery powered baby stroller with heating/cooling feature to keep baby comfortable in all seasons. With additional feature of mobile phone charging.

Sound Meditation Device

A soft plush device designed for sound meditation